Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association Launch Pure Grenada Book For Children

An event took place at True Blue Resort on the evening of the 17th January to celebrate the release of the Pure Grenada book for children. It marks the last phase of the GHTA’s Compete Caribbean Project which in its initial stage enabled the rebranding of Grenada to ‘Pure Grenada’.

The book will be circulated free to all 8 year olds in Grenada through the Ministry of Education. However, the book was written to ensure it could also be enjoyed by younger children if read to them, older siblings, and even adults.

The GHTA has committed to printing the book every year for Grade 4 students.

It was created by Russ Jarman Price, who oversaw the original Pure Grenada branding, written by local author Jennifer Ellard-Alexis and illustrated by local artist Jason Campbell.

The manuscript is in the form of a beautiful and evocative Dr. Seuss-style poem. The stunning illustrations, using mixed media, perfectly depict our beautiful islands, heritage and culture.

Jerry Rappaport, Chairman of GHTA, said “Many people were involved in trying to come up with the right words to describe our beloved tri - island state, but in the end it was a young boy from St. Patrick’s who suggested the words that we all embraced. Pure Grenada! In a way it was fitting as you, our youth, are such a big part of our country and future.

This book is a gift to you to share with your family and friends. I hope you will enjoy it and that it will also help you to have a better understanding of why tourists come here and most importantly why we are: Pure Grenada, The Spice Of The Caribbean.”

The event was attended by key dignitaries from the Ministry of Tourism and Education sector including key speaker The Honourable Dr. Clarise Modeste – Curwen, who is an enthusiastic supporter of the initiative and spoke of the need for the Tourism and Education sectors to work closely together.

Other dignitaries included Patricia Maher, the CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority, Aine Brathwaite Co - Chair of the GTA, Senior officers from the Ministry of Education, GHTA Board Directors, Pancy Cross Executive Director of the GHTA, cultural Ambassador and Soca star Mr Killa, and both the writer and author of the book.

Other speakers were the creator Mr. Russ Jarman Price, Jerry Rappaport Chairman of the GHTA, and finally the long standing Vice President of the GHTA Russ Fielden OBE who was instrumental in securing the Compete Caribbean funding in the first instance.

The book will be distributed to schools throughout the country shortly.