GHTA to Launch Vaccination Public Education Campaign

The Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association (GHTA) will provide a public education campaign in the coming weeks to support the Ministry of Health’s vaccination efforts. The GHTA realizes that increased education regarding the pros and cons of vaccinations as well as being able to dispel myths and misconceptions is crucial to raise public confidence and awareness.

According to Chief Executive Officer of GHTA, Arlene Friday, “There are mixed emotions among frontline tourism workers in regards to taking the vaccine with some remaining cautious while others are excited to get vaccinated.” She also stated, “The more that people are actively engaged and informed, the less skeptical someone would be and more likely decide to get vaccinated. We have witnessed that as staff have gotten vaccinated and have communicated with their co-workers, there has been an uptick amongst once hesitant workers. In this instance, there has been an increase of 85%- 100% of employees vaccinated. As a result, we realize that public education is key.”

Members of the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association are keen on getting their team members back to work and to re-open closed hotels. Vaccinations provide a solution to safeguard both tourism workers and the Grenadian community while also provide a method to restart the tourism industry. Ripple effects would be felt amongst restaurants, bars, dive shops, taxi and tour operators and the overall economy.
Airlines may one day require proof of COVID- 19 vaccinations and may be the way of the future. As Grenadians, we must therefore, get better educated and prepared.

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