Grenada Chamber of Industry & Commerce

Building No. 11
P.O. Box 129
St. George
Tel:: (473) 440-2937
Fax:: (473) 440-6627


The Chamber is the chief advocate of the Private Sector. As the oldest and largest Private Sector organization in Grenada the Chamber has consistently defended the rights of the business community. Businesses often encounter problems in their dealings with government bodies and other authorities. Some of these problems are serious enough to threaten the very survival of the businesses. The Chamber has been able to successfully intervene with institutions such as the Inland Revenue Department, the Customs & Excise Department and other institutions on behalf of its membership. Such interventions have been made both on behalf of individual members as well as groups of members. Advocacy is also conducted through the large network of GCIC representatives who represent Private Sector interests on Boards and other Statutory Bodies and at the regular meetings between the GCIC Board and the Minister of Finance.