One Dollar A Day

We enhance our tourism product through the our Tourism Fund


We support our tourism industry

We support Grenada’s tourism infrastructure by way of partnerships with all tourism related entities. The funds are used to assist with intensive training of our youth, better preparing them for the work force, and the retraining of persons already employed in the industry in order to achieve a higher standard of service. It is also spent on projects geared toward keeping Grenada clean and safe, as well as the beautification of specific areas of our towns and countryside, and the promotion of our cultural events.

How does it work

Guest are asked to contribute US $1 or $2 per day, per room, which will offset the payments against the property member’s dues. A letter is provided to guest in their room, and or at the front desk, which clearly states that this is a contribution and, if they would prefer, will be removed from their final bill. The funds is then submitted to us on a monthly basis.

Key Tourism Fund Project: