About Us

The Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association (GHTA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization tasked with being the representative private sector voice of the island’s tourism sector. The Association is managed by a Board of Directors responsible for guiding the Association’s strategies and polices, while the secretariat is managed by an Executive Director responsible for the day to day duties of the Association. The main role of the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association is to support Grenada’s tourism infrastructure by way of partnerships with all tourism related entities. The Association promotes educational opportunities for industry workers; assist with the development of cultural activities, aid in marketing, and lobbies and advocates on behalf of its members on matters affecting the industry. The GHTA started was first registered as the Grenada Hotel Association (GHA), a non-profit, private sector organization, dedicated to the development, increased profitability and professionalism of the hospitality industry’s private sector in Grenada, was founded in1961 by a small group of pioneers in the hotel industry. In order to serve the needs of businesses directly involved within the tourism sector and those offering services to the sector, the Association in December of 1997, expanded its membership base and changed its name to the Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association. Categories of membership:-

  • Ordinary Member - Hotels with more than ten (10) rooms
  • Associate Member - Hotels, Apartments, Cottages with ten (10) or less rooms
  • Allied A Member - Businesses offering services to the tourism industry
  • Allied B Member - Non- hotel businesses directly involved in the tourism industry
  • Honorary Member - Businesses selected by GHTA on their contribution toward the tourism industry

Categories added in 2011

  • Associate Member B – Hotels, Apartments, Cottages, Villas with four (4) or less rooms
  • Individual Member - Individuals directly involved in the tourism industry

As a member of the Grenada Private Sector Organisation which consist of the Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association, the Grenada Chamber of Industry & Commerce, and the Grenada Employers Federation the GHTA is further able to lobby and advocate for benefits for members. The GHTA works closely with the Grenada Board of Tourism and its members host visiting international travel writer, tour operators, and travel agents dedicated to promoting Grenada as a desired destination, annually.