List of designated emergency shelters 2022

List of Primary Shelters:


Town of St. George

  1. Anglican High School
  2. Grenada Boys’ Secondary School
  3. St. Joseph’s Convent (St. George’s)
  4. J.W. Fletcher Secondary School
  5. Presentation Brothers College
  6. St. George’s Anglican School (Ground Floor)

South St. George

  1. Calliste Government School
  2. Mt. Toute S.D.A. Church
  3. Grand Anse Baptiste Church
  4. South St. George Government School (Springs)
  5. Maranatha Independence Baptist Church

St. George South East

  1. Bethel Methodist Church Hall
  2. St. Paul’s Government School
  3. Springs Open Bible Church
  4. St. Joseph R.C School (Morne Jaloux)
  5. Marian Model Center

St. George North West

  1. Happy Hill Secondary School
  2. Uganda Martyrs Catholic School (Happy Hill)
  3. Mt. Moritz Community Center
  4. Mt. Moritz S.D.A. Church
  5. Mt. Moritz Anglican School
  6. Fontenoy Community Center
  7. Grand Mal S.D.A. Church

St. George North East

  1. New Hampshire Community Center
  2. New Hampshire Methodist Center
  3. Constantine Methodist School
  4. St. Mary’s Junior School
  5. Boca Secondary School
  6. Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic School (Beaulieu)
  7. Navtivity Catholic School (Vendome)
  8. Beaulieu S.D.A. Church


  1. Mt. Granby S.D.A. Church
  2. Concord S.D.A. Church
  3. Black Bay Anglican Church
  4. NEWLO
  5. St. Rose Modern Secondary School
  6. St. Peter’s Catholic School
  7. St. John’s Christian Secondary School
  8. Maran Development Center
  9. Clozier Community Center
  10. Florida S.D.A. Church


  1. Fellowship New Testament Church
  2. St. Mark’s Secondary School
  3. Union Community Complex


St. Patrick West

  1. Mc Donald College
  2. St. Patrick Anglican School

St. Patrick East

  1. Hermitage Government School
  2. Snell Hall S.D.A. Church/Pre School
  3. Rose Hill S.D.A. Church
  4. Rose Hill Development Center
  5. Mt. Rose S.D.A. Church
  6. Mt. Rose Pre School
  7. River Sallee S.D.A. Church


St. Andrew South East

  1. Mama Cannes Resource Center
  2. Telescope Primary School
  3. Soubise S.D.A. Church

St. Andrews South West

  1. Holy Cross Catholic School (Munich)
  2. Holy Innocent Anglican School
  3. St. Andrew’s Catholic School
  4. St. Joseph’s Convent (Grenville)
  5. Birchgrove New Testament Church
  6. Union Community Center
  7. Ford Pre School
  8. Grand Bras Community Center
  9. Harford Village Community Center

St. Andrews North East

  1. Belair Government School
  2. Pearls Community Center
  3. Moyah S.D.A. Church
  4. The Sacred Heart Catholic School (Tivoli)

St. Andrews North West

  1. St. Mary’s R.C School (La Fillette)
  2. Mirabeau Pentecostal Church
  3. Mirabeau S.D.A. Church
  4. Paraclete Government School
  5. Paradise S.D.A. Church
  6. Maranatha Church (Lakabakay)
  7. La Poterie S.D.A. Church
  8. Morne Lounge Pentecostal Camp Site


St. David South

  1. Westerhall S.D.A. Church
  2. Westerhall Secondary School
  3. Corinth Government School
  4. St. Dominic’s Catholic School (Perdmotemps)
  5. St. Theresa’s Catholic School (Vincennes)

St. David North

  1. St. David’s Catholic School
  2. St. Joseph Catholic School (Pomme Rose)
  3. Crochu Multi-Purpose Center
  4. St. Martin de Porres School (Crochu)


  1. Bogles Community Center
  2. Harvey Vale Government School
  3. Hillsborough Government School
  4. Glad Tidings Church
  5. Dover Government School
  6. Mt. Pleasant Government School
  7. Harvey Vale Community Center


  1. St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School (Petite Martinique)
  2. Petite Martinique R.C Church