GHTA First Aid and CPR Training enhances safety and preparedness

GHTA’s Successful First Aid and CPR Training Enhances Safety and Preparedness in Grenada’s Hospitality Industry

St. George, Grenada - April 18th marks a red-letter day as the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association (GHTA) kick-started its life-saving First Aid and CPR training at the Grenada Red Cross Society building in Upper Lucas Street. With a fantastic turnout of over 70 eager participants, this training runs from April 18th-20th and aims to empower individuals in the tourism industry and beyond with essential skills to handle medical emergencies, potentially saving countless lives.

In the heart of Grenada’s bustling economy lies the thriving tourism industry, making first-aid trained personnel vital to ensuring the safety of businesses, visitors and the Grenadian community . Arlene Friday, CEO of GHTA, passionately highlighted the significance of this training, stating: “By providing this training, we are actively crafting a safer Grenada for everyone. Our tourism industry thrives on the island’s reputation as a safe and welcoming destination. Having first-aid trained personnel not only guarantees the safety of our establishments, but also impacts our local communities.”

A deeply inspired participant at the training passionately conveyed the significance of first aid education, saying, “I wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone, and I believe that all organizations with employees should give them the opportunity to learn first aid. It’s incredibly crucial, as one can never predict when emergencies may arise.”

This comprehensive training covers a wide array of topics, such as responding to sudden medical emergencies, performing CPR on children, adults and babies, mastering the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and attending to wounds.

Participants are immersed in an engaging learning experience; practicing essential skills and techniques on dummies provided by the Grenada Red Cross Society. Certified instructors lead the sessions, with attendees from the local community as well as members of hospitality, including accommodations, restaurants, tour operators, and taxi drivers.

GHTA stands firm in its commitment to fostering a secure and welcoming tourism industry in Grenada while fostering safer communities. The Association’s goal is to further enhance Grenada’s tourism product while also empowering and impacting the local communities that we serve.


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