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  • Grenada Chamber of Industry & Commerce

    The Chamber is the chief advocate of the Private Sector. As the oldest and largest Private Sector organization in Grenada the Chamber has consistently defended the rights of the business community. Businesses often encounter problems in their dealings with…

  • Grenada Development Bank

    The primary purpose of the Grenada Development Bank is to assist in the economic development of Grenada by providing financial and technical assistance in the areas of Agriculture, Fisheries, Tourism, Industry, Housing, Small Business Development and Human Resource Development.

  • Grenada Employers’ Federation

    Grenada Employers’ Federation

  • Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority

    Established by an Act of Parliament - Act no. 11 of 1995 Entitled Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority Act 1995. An act to establish a Solid Waste Management Authority charged with the duty of developing the solid waste management…

  • Grenada Tourism Authority

  • Lawrence Lambert, CBE

    Lawrence Lambert, CBE



    Grenada Tourism Authority P.O. Box 293 St. George, Grenada
    Tel:: (473) 440-2279/2001

  • Pannell Kerr Forster

    Pannell Kerr Forster

    P.O. Box 1798
    St. George's

    Tel: (473) 440-2562
    Fax: (473) 440-6750

  • Sir Royston Hopkin, KCMG

    Sir Royston Hopkin, KCMG

  • St. George‚Äôs University

    St. George’s University Caribbean Medical Schools and Caribbean Veterinary Schools with extensive medical, veterinary and graduate studies programs located in Grenada, West Indies